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5 Common Aircon Maintenance Mistakes You are Making

aircon maintenance mistakes


Aircon maintenance is a valuable move that can drastically change the world environment, personal health and your monthly expenditure.

With the global temperature reaching its transitioning peak, aircons have become a necessary trend that is commonly taken for granted. Many users tend to waste electricity and monthly expenditure on something that they are not efficiently using.

Air con maintenance mistakes create financial, environment, health and safety issues. To ensure that you are making optimal use of the privileges of fresh cold air throughout the year at your homes, we have pointed out five common aircon maintenance mistakes you are making.

1. Not cleaning or Changing the AC Filter

It is advisable to have your air con filters checked every three months. Depending on the location of your house and the number of times you use, the frequency could vary, but once every three months is the ideal time to check and change the filters.

A dirty filter leads to dirty air flow, and it could cause health hazards. A dirty screen also freezes the evaporator coil and restricts the unit from running efficiently and consuming more power. It also shortens the lifespan of the air con unit and could add 5% to 10% more on your AC bill.

Replacement can be done at a cheap cost while some are easily removable and you can clean them yourself.

2. No Annual Aircon Servicing

Aircons are responsible for creating the air you breathe at night which is essential to keep you healthy. Even if they seem to work efficiently, you should have the whole system thoroughly checked at least once a year. You will be surprised by how much grime and dirt gets collected in the nook and corners of the unit.

There are various aircon maintenance instructions available on the internet that you can look up to clean and maintain the AC. You can also read the manual booklet that comes along with the AC on the purchase.

Aircon servicing in Singapore by a professional is important for healthy air flow and proper maintenance.

3. Not Using a Smart Thermostat

adjust aircon thermostat

It is not always possible to turn your air conditioner off every time you leave the room. Programmable thermostats have changed the way modern people are using the AC.

With a feature that allows you to adjust the room temperature by sensors, the automatic thermostat sets the room at normal temperature when it is empty and changes it back to your desired temperature by memory when the room is occupied.

Even if smart thermostats might cost a few dollars more, it would considerably save you money on your annual air con bills.

There are varieties of smart thermostats available in the market that can even be programmed through your phone so that you can adjust the airflow wherever you are.

4. Setting the Thermostat Too Low

The human body can amazingly adjust to different temperatures within a day or two. If you are acquainted with cold climate, slowly raising the temperature by a degree every day will not hamper your system. Setting the temperature too low strains the unit to work harder and consumes more power.

With every degree raised, you are saving up to 3% of your annual aircon bill.

Keeping the temperature as close to the average temperature also has a significant impact on the environment and the human health in general.

Unless your home requires especially cool air for productive purposes, air cons are best maintained with average temperature.

5. Poorly Placed Vents and Thermostat

Most air con maintenance mistakes are often made while installing the thermostat and the vent.

The common mistake that people make is placing them where the room temperature is mostly warm.

Installing the thermostat at a place where there is plenty of sunlight or somewhere too dark and cold can disrupt the thermostat reading and make your air conditioner work overtime when it is not necessary.

Same with the vent. When something is obstructing the vent, for example, furniture and accessories, you tend to limit air circulation.

To get the optimum air circulation, consider installing the vent close to the areas where you spend most of your time.

Blinds and curtains also add some amount of value to your air con maintenance. They prevent light from entering the room and directly heating it while the aircon is trying to cool it. Pulling the blinds on sweltering days instead of lowering the thermostat can help you maintain the aircon better.

With that being said, sometimes it is good to give your air con a break sometimes and get yourself some natural fresh air as much as you can.

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