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6 Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Air Con

time to replace your aircon

As it goes with any of the big items in your life- be it car, house or anything else, the air conditioning system which is put up at your home would one day eventually come to the end of its life.

While it can be hard to let go or you might think that it can go on forever by just replacing parts and with some servicing, it doesn’t really work that way. An aircon is a big expense but sometimes it’s better for your financial condition, for the environment and more to replace your system.

Here are some signs which will help you know when it’s time to replace your AC:

1. You find it’s not as efficient as before

One of the ways to check if your equipment which is older but still running needs replacing is to check its efficiency levels. These efficiency levels are detected as SEER ratings. What could be top of the line model a decade or two ago isn’t the case now. For example, an older SEER 10 rated unit might run well, but it will be using a lot more energy than a new 25 SEER model. Your electricity bill will be a lot lesser when you upgrade.

2. If your system is more than a decade old

Keep in mind that an HVAC system can generally last for a decade or so and this is counting impeccable maintenance. If your system is also approaching that age its time to start saving up for a new aircon now. Saving money up to buy a new AC is a way better investment than sinking money on an AC which is reaching its last life stage. It will also seem a beneficial investment to you when the humid heat is at its peak and you find yourself with a nonworking AC.

3. The noise is higher than usual

Almost all air conditioners do make a very gentle humming sound. This sound is absolutely normal and harmless, on the other hand, the gentle noise actually helps many people sleep. But if you find your air conditioner making a clanking, grinding, rattling, whining, banging or any other variety of noises apart from gentle humming then it’s time to understand that something is wrong.

It generally indicates that you have broken or lose parts. So make sure you get this checked out as soon as you can. These are signs of the unit facing problems due to age or too much wear and tear. Also, consider replacing the unit if the noise churns up again a few days after repair.

4. Your system suffers from frequent fuse and capacitor breakages.

Capacitors work along with compressors, the outside fan and the blower motor in your aircon. So if you find your aircon humming when the fan isn’t even running, then it’s probably due to a capacitor problem. If you find that both your fuses and capacitors are failing then its time to get a new AC.

You can get your unit repaired for the time being but it is advisable that you invest in a new system. Try to get one which is current rather than spending money repairing the old one again and again.

5. You find acid in the refrigerant

You should know that an unstable refrigerant can aid the formation of acids inside your unit. This can in turn severely shorten the life of the whole AC unit as a whole. If you are not sure then get a licensed contractor to carry out the test. But checking for this should fall under a common maintenance check. If it is caught in time the.

The acidic conditions can be cleaned up really well before the compressor motor burns out. But if the situation turns out to be bad then after the repair, start saving up to buy a new machine.

6. Your house never cools

This is a common indicator which will help you decide if your aircon needs a servicing. If your office or house feels hot even if the AC is running 24/7 and after a fresh aircon gas top-up then something might be wrong.

The AC may stop operating even if it’s drawing electricity for a number of reasons which can range from failed fans to failed condenser. It’s important you get it checked if the heat is unbearable. But keep in mind that these are signs that you need to upgrade your unit.

So if you find these problems and see that your AC repairing costs just continue to climb higher then it’s a sign that you should definitely replace your system. Wear and tear after years of use is normal and you should remember that it’s not going to keep on operating forever. It is good practice to get your aircon serviced regularly by a reliable company like KL Aircon Service. This will help to extend your unit’s life span.

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