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Best Portable Air Conditioner for Your Home

choose portable air conditioner for home

Summers are lovely to enjoy at the beach or in a swimming pool or having a delicious BBQ party with family in the backyard. But, when it comes to escaping the heat there is nothing like enjoying at home.

No matter whether you spend your day in your swimming pool splashing around, you eventually to settle back home. The hot weather inside the home can cause discomfort and you need an air conditioner to keep it cool throughout the day. The discomfort caused by the heat is something that you should take seriously as it has serious consequences on your health.

Each year approx 700 people die from summer heat. So, having a portable air conditioner is not just a luxury item at your home, it’s a more important asset to have during an unbearably hot day.

Why A Portable Air Con Unit?

Portable AC units are both a smarter option and a money-saving option to save energy. If your home has a central air conditioning system then having a portable AC is a good option to keep the temperature low in the area where you spend most of the time.

Moreover, it is the best way to cut cost on energy as you don’t have to use your full system to cool the complete home especially when not all rooms are being in use.

You may or may not get the right air conditioner for your home which can lead to disappointment. All you need is one that can meet your needs, help you manage cost and work in the available space at your home. How will you ensure these?

So, if you consider buying one then check out a few factors to make the right purchase.


If you need a portable air conditioner unit for the home then it will cost somewhere around $150-$800. However, it will cost you more than $10,000 if you need it for commercial purpose. The cost differs on the basis of different factors where the powerful functioning of AC is the main factor.

To cool a large space you have to pay more as a more powerful unit will be required. Air conditioners with features like programmable timers or remote control option will cost you more. Another factor that raises the cost is the brand name. The AC from a known brand will surely cost more but it will last for long and you don’t have to buy another one after a few years.

However, AC uses a lot of energy contributing to higher energy bills. So, considering energy-efficient units are also an important factor that raises the cost. Other factors include the replacement cost of air filters.


Size is also an important factor to look in as you may need it to keep in one room or move from one room to another. Buy a portable AC that can easily be moved and have wheels for easy movement. Also, check whether it will fit in the car easily.

The room size also matters for buyers. Most of the units are not designed to cool an entire home as they can cool down only your bedroom or living room. So, also consider the room size to ensure that whether your AC will be able to cool it or not. For that, check the BTUs that measure the ability of an AC to cool down a room. For example, an AC with 5000 BTUs can cool a 150 sq ft room.

Energy use

Your AC usage will decide the amount of energy being used. The energy star rating makes it easy for buyers to compare different units in terms of energy. Choose an AC that has a programmable thermostat so that as soon as your room achieves a particular temperature the unit gets switched off automatically. But, don’t forget to clean and maintain your aircon otherwise it will consume more energy.


The portable AC needs to be kept closer to the window as they vent out hot air. They come with a venting kit that helps to vent out the air properly. It also comes with an instruction manual to help you.  Some portable units come with a flexible window kit whereas some come with an option of an extension.


No matter what model you choose, you will experience noise. Some models make very little background noise that is hard to notice but still you have to consider it. The noise level when it is turned on should not be loud enough to disrupt your focus. So check for the reviews to know how loud an AC is.

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