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How To Choose The Right Air Con For Your Home?

how to choose the right aircon

To cool down yourself in the hot Singapore weather, it is hard to do without an aircon.. The air conditioner is a basic need of every house.

However, selecting an air conditioner is not an easy task. Also, if you end up choosing a wrong air con then you get incur higher power pills and a system that does not do what you want.

It is therefore essential to have proper information about the different types of aircons out there before you go to the store to buy one.

Here, we will look at the important factors to consider when choosing aunit for your house.

Does The Aircon Suit Your Needs?

There are various kinds of air conditioners that you will find in the market.

Split and window ACs are the more popular types of ACs you can find in the store for homes. They have quite the same features but come in various sizes. Depending on the sizes and builds, different ACs show some advantages as well as disadvantages.

Window ACs are commonly regarded as single room ACs. Different parts of this AC are constructed in a single box unit. Thus, window ACs are easier to install as compared to split AC.

A window air con is mounted on an opening in a wall or window. Since the functioning parts are in the same unit they make more noise when compared with split ACs. Window air con is best for small rooms and they are affordable.

Split ACs have two units. The indoor unit is kept inside the house while the compressor is kept outside. As the compressor is kept in the outer unit this type of AC is quieter.

The split design of this AC makes it complicated to install. To connect the two unites through cable and tubes, you need to drill the holes on your wall. They are installed in a room where there is no window. They come in a sleek and beautiful design which blends with the room. However, they are quite expensive as compared to window ACs.

Capacity Of  The Aircon (BTU)

Once you are done with selecting the type of aircon, second comes the capacity. Capacity of an aircon is typically calculated in tons. Windows and split air conditioners are offered in different capacities from 1-2 tons. Tonnage does not represent the weight of the AC but it is a unit that expresses the rate at which an air conditioner can cool a space. So, we can say that a large room will need an AC with high tonnage.

The best way to determine the accurate capacity needed is by considering BTU or British thermal unit. If the BTU is high, the cooling capacity will also be excellent. According to the international standard, it is said that you need about 20BTU per sq ft. This number is changeable depending on the various factors like the room’s ambient temperature.

Also, note that if the tonnage is high,  the AC will be more expensive; however, the price may also differ depending on various other features. When determining the tonnage, it is important to consider the size of a room, the amount of light entering the room as well as the size of the window. It is essential because sunlight enters the room and increases the temperature.

Energy Efficiency

One of the common reasons why most people avoid buying ACs is its running cost. An air conditioner’s efficiency is represented as EER (energy efficiency ratio). It is a ratio of an AC’s cooling capacity to its total power consumption. Aircons with identical capacities may not show the same power consumption.

Inverter equipped Aircons

If your main concern is electricity bills, then the inverter equipped Air con is the best option available for you. The compressor in old ACs, once it is worked at its peak speed, it will then switch ofs. This process of continuously switching on and off the compressor takes a lot of power. Inverted equipped air cons control the speed of the compressor and adjust to change the temperature of the room. This type of air con shows better performance as well as a longer life span.


Apart from power consumption or capacity, there are many more features to be considered when choosing an AC. One of the essential features is the filter. Today, air conditioners are offered with different types of filter. You can find antibacterial filters to make the environment germ free.


One of the important parts of the air cons is its refrigerant. It is a fluid that passes through the phase conversion cycle. They convert from liquid to gas then again back to liquid. This process allows cooling of the air. A commonly used refrigerant used is R22. Nowadays, R410a are also used as they are environment-friendly. Since the boiling point of R410a refrigerant is low, it is more power-efficient.

It is good to know what refrigerant your aircon is using in case you need to do an aircon gas top-up.

So, these are some tips to be followed when choosing an air conditioner. You can find the right type of AC for your room and experience better performance. You shouldn’t simply go for designs as then you may end up picking a wrong AC, which may not provide better cooling.

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