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Läßt Sich Das Sexuelle Vergnügen Steigern?

Bozanic, Alexandra Rebecca (2009) Zielgruppenorientiertes Fernsehen am Beispiel von HBO und Sex and the City. The present study shows that experimental mild renal insufficiency leads to pronounced aortic hypertrophic remodelling and stiffening in Wistar rats, and the underlying aortic morphological, cellular and molecular alterations undergo a sex- dependent regulatory process. The examination of the level of permissiveness in the two morality policy fields abortion and same-sex partnerships across Western European countries from 1960 to 2010 reveals that Catholic states do not significantly differ from their Protestant counterparts in terms of their policy outputs today. In the case of example (3), it is the accumulation of linguistic metaphors from the same source domain over stretches of the chemistry lecture and the resulting coherence in the use of metaphors that may be seen as evidence for deliberateness. We aimed to analyze the autonomic nervous system of elite cross-country skiers from Norway, Russia and Switzerland in supine position and after orthostatic challenge in various training periods (TP). Estrogens exert protective effects on the vascular system. This may have happened in example (2), which I will analyze in the following discussion. SNX significantly increased systolic blood pressure, which was comparably reduced to control levels by BAY 41-8543 and hydralazine.

BAY 41-8543 reduced aortic VSMC proliferation and also modulated aortic VSMC phenotype and consequently decreased collagen I deposition, extracellular matrix turnover with low TIMP-1 and MMP-2 expression and increased the elastic content of the aortic wall. Der letzte Teil des Bandes nennt sich „Mycenaeans and yoursex Philistines in the Levant” und enthält die Akten eines Workshops, der im Rahmen des SCIEM-Kongresses abgehalten wurde. Die Ergebnisse in diesem experimentellen Modell der milden Niereninsuffizienz deuten darauf hin, dass die pharmakologische Stimulation des sGC-Enzyms ein neues Konzept in der Therapie des pathologischen arteriellen Remodellings bei Patienten mit chronischen Nierenerkrankungen darstellen kann. Specific sGC/cGMP stimulation by BAY 41-8543, but not hydralazine despite a similar reduction in blood pressure, significantly ameliorates the aortic wall remodelling and stiffening, indicating a blood pressure-independent mechanism. The findings in this experimental model of mild renal insufficiency suggest that pharmacological stimulation of the sGC enzyme may be a novel therapy concept for pathological arterial wall remodelling seen in patients with chronic renal disease.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading comorbidity in patients with renal disease and has been related to impaired nitric oxide signalling. Vascular disease was more severe in male rats and was related to reduced aortic eNOS expression. Aortic eNOS mRNA expression was normalized in BAY 41-8543-treated uremic animals. BAY 41-8543 verbesserte signifikant das urämische Aortenremodelling und -Versteifung. SNX führte zu einer signifikanten Erhöhung des systolischen Blutdrucks, der durch BAY 41-8543 und Hydralazin auf Werte vergleichbar mit schein-operierte Tieren gleichermaßen reduziert wurde. Eine spezifische sGC /cGMP-Stimulation durch BAY 41-8543, aber nicht die Gabe von Hydralazin, trotz einer ähnlichen Reduktion des Blutdrucks, vermindert signifikant das Remodelling und die Versteifung der Aortenwand, was auf einem blutdruckunabhängigen Mechanismus hinweist. Bei weiblichen urämischen Tieren wurden keine signifikanten Veränderungen des Media-Lumen- Verhältnisses, der VSMC Proliferation, Makrophageninfiltration, Metallo- proteinase-2 und eNOS mRNA Expression in der Aortenwand wurden beobachtet. Der Grad der morphologischen Nierenschäden und Nierenfunktionseinschränkung war bei männlichen und weiblichen Tieren vergleichbar und unabhängig von der Therapie. Die Aorta- eNOS-mRNA-Expression wurde in BAY 41-8543-behandelten urämischen Tieren normalisiert. BAY 41-8543 significantly ameliorated uremic aortic remodelling and stiffening. BAY 41-8543 verminderte Aorta-VSMC-Proliferation und modulierte auch den Phänotyp der Aorta-VSMC und demzufolge reduzierte die Kollagen I-Ablagerung, den Umsatz der extrazellulären Matrix mit verminderter TIMP-1 und MMP-2-Expression und erhöhte den Elastingehalt der Aortenwand.  This ᠎da ta has ᠎be en w ritt​en  by GSA  C​onte​nt Gen᠎erator DEMO.

In SNX males, uremic aortic remodelling was characterized by marked media thickening and increased media-to-lumen ratio, vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC) proliferation, macrophage infiltration, extracellular matrix turnover, decreased aortic elastin/collagen ratio and endothelial NO-synthase (eNOS) mRNA expression. Das urämischen Aortenremodelling in SNX Männchen war durch deutliche Zunahme der Mediadicke und des Media-Lumen-Verhältnisses, Proliferation der glatten Gefäßmuskelzelle (VSMC), Makrophageninfiltration, erhöhten Umsatz der extrazellulären Matrix, verringerte Aorten-Elastin/Kollagen-Verhältnis und endotheliale NO-Synthase (eNOS) mRNA-Expression gekennzeichnet. No significant alterations of aortic media-to-lumen ratio, VSMC proliferation, macrophage infiltration, metalloproteinase-2 and eNOS mRNA expressions were seen in female uremic animals. Hydralazine treatment did not substantially influence aortic remodelling. The degree of morphological kidney damage and renal function impairment was similar in males and females independent of treatment. Main outcome parameters were the high-frequency power in supine position (HFsupine) as marker of cardiac parasympathetic activity and the low-frequency/high-frequency power ratio after orthostatic challenge (LF/HFstand) as marker of cardiac sympathetic activation. A higher sympathetic tone in men has been suggested as risk factor for SCD. In contrast, less volatile compounds might be sufficient attractants in species that search for mates within proximity. Elite athletes have the highest risk for exercise-related SCD. Th is post has be᠎en gen​er at​ed  by G SA C​on tent Gen᠎erator DEMO !

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