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Missing your stimulus check: Here’s what to do — and what to avoid — to get your $1,400

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Where’s my stimulus check? We have a few ideas.

Angela Lang/CNET

As of this week, the for the third round of stimulus checks for $395 billion total, . But the IRS is not done and continues to send weekly batches of payments, so there is still time if you are waiting for yours.

If you’re missing your third stimulus check, there could actually be an . You may be experiencing a delay in mail delivery, for instance (), or the IRS may have had incorrect direct deposit information for you. There might be other problems if you’re a recipient of or . Or maybe you received  saying that your $1,400 payment was sent, but the . Then what? 

One thing is for sure: The IRS  with questions about a missing stimulus check. We’ll explain what you can do instead, including requesting a on your  if you  or asking for a . We can also share details on a potential  and the deal with or offering . Plus, here’s how you can get more money from the if you have kids (even if you have ) and how to . This story was recently updated.

Track your stimulus payments using the IRS Get My Payment tool, here’s how

For the third stimulus check: It’s worth visiting the IRS’ online portal designed to . Generally, it should tell you when your check will be processed and how you’ll receive it: for example, as a paper check in the mail. If the  tool doesn’t give you information you can understand or says your check is on the way and unitradex world trading auto you haven’t received it, you may need to eventually request a payment trace or file for a 

For the first or second payment: If you can’t find the letter sent by the IRS, you’ll need to  to see your status. For any problems, you may need to issue a  or file for a , even if you . (May 17 was the last day to file your taxes without an extension.) Here’s more information about .