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Air Con Cleaning Service

An air cond chemical wash is required when the normal washing of the air conditioner components does not make your air cond cool again or performs as before. Air conditioner needs regular maintenance works such as cleaning to keep it working at its peak and avoid energy wastage. When your air cond is no longer functioning properlydue to lack of cleaning, it is better to hire an air cond specialist like us in KL & Selangor to perform chemical cleaning.

  • First, our air cond technician will dismantle theparts of the air cond unit to get ready for cleaning.
  • During the chemical cleaning, the parts of air condunit will be immersed in chemical solution to remove accumulated dust.
  • The drainage and pipe are also spray cleaned with the chemical solution.
  • Chemical wash will also include the filters, evaporator coils, and condenser.
  • After chemical cleaning, the air condunit will be installed back. Our aircond technician will do checking on the major operation of the air condunits to ensure it runs smoothly.
Air Con Cleaning Service
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