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Sky takes on web film rental firms as it offers service for £15 a month

Sky takes on web film rental firms as it offers service for £15 a month

An internet TV war has broken out with the launch of a Sky service offering films for £15 a month.

The service pitches it against rivals Lovefilm and Netflix, and сериалы онлайн will be available on PCs and Macs as well as smartphones and YouView, the BBC-backed set-top boxes connected to the web.

Users can pay £15 a month to get access to more than 600 films streamed to their home or, if on a mobile phone equipped with the internet, to their handset wherever they are.

Internet TV: Sky’s £15 offer gives access to more than 600 films on PCs and Macs and mobile phones

Alternatively, a pay-per-view option lets viewers choose from a wider range of up to 1,000 films.

These will cost from 99p for older movies to £3.49 for a recent blockbuster release.

Though the launch focuses on films, Sky plans to introduce sport before the end of the year. The service will offer a cheaper way for those without Sky subscriptions to watch its films.



As it stands, the lowest monthly contract with Sky offering access to its films is £36.50.

However, the £15 subscription is still pricier than Netflix and Amazon-owned LoveFilm, where monthly fees start at £4.99.

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